Convention Services


Pineywoods Seafood
Center, TX  75935
PH: 936-598-6661
Three B Catering
(Tina and Mary Byrnes)
Center, TX
PH: 936-212-1798
T/R Steaks and More
(Endless Possibilities)
Center, TX  75935
PH: 936-598-4115
Center, TX
PH: 936-590-9687
Pete Lowe’s Catering
Center, TX
PH: 936-591-1224
Darrell’s BBQ
Center, TX
PH: 936-590-9266
Brookshire Bros. Deli
Center, TX
PH: 936-591-1922
Moodyville BBQ
PH: 591-8830
Mi Casita
Minerva Leon
Center, TX
PH: 936-591-8399
Las Margaritas Restaurant
Center, TX  75935
PH: 936-590-4363
Walkers on the Square
Center, TX 75935
PH: 936-598-3463
Shani Oswalt
Center, TX
PH: 936-598-4192
CL: 936-332-9082
K and K Sales
Sharon K Ratcliff
Center, TX 75935
PH: 936-598-3523
Lynn Locke
Center, TX
PH: 936-598-7082
Lone Star Specialties
Kevin Smith
Joaquin, TX  75954
PH: 936-269-9948
Brooks’ Homestyle 
BBQ & Catering
San Augustine, TX
PH: 936-288-3529
Hottest Lil’ Grill
Joaquin, TX
PH: 936-269-4944
Bill’s Meat Marketing & Catering
Carthage, TX
PH: 903-693-6122
Stutes Café & Catering
Carthage, TX
PH: 903-694-9773
H & A Catering
Nacogdoches, TX
PH: 936-645-0955
Linda’s Kitchen & Catering
Natchitoches, LA
PH: 318-352-9444
Catfish Express
Marshall, TX
PH: 903-935-5277
Jalapeno Tree
PH: 936-715-9133


Debbie’s Delicacies
On Facebook
PH: 903-407-8723
Cakes By Amanda
PH: 936-572-8573
Cakes, etc.
Nacogdoches, TX
PH: 936-569-0842
Sweets & Eats
Lufkin, TX
PH: 936-632-6938
Hottest Lil’ Grill
Joaquin, TX
PH: 936-269-4944

Rental Companies/Miscellaneous

University Rentals
Nacogdoches, TX
PH: 936-560-0800
MW Linen Rentals
Misty Wilburn
PH: 936-591-2588
Margarita Machine Rental
Nacogdoches, TX
PH: 936-462-0751
A-1 Party Rentals
Lufkin, TX
PH: 936-639-2595
 “I Do” Wedding Favors
Shreveport, LA
PH: 903-826-9879
Tyler Uplights
Tyler, TX
PH: 903-274-3192
Balloons by Lizzy
Tyler, TX
PH: 903-571-0533
5 S Rental & Sales
White Oak, TX
PH: 903-295-6666

Event Coordinator

Endless Possibilities
Rose Specter
PH: 936-591-0500
CL: 936-591-2217
Allison Sanford
PH: 936-488-2100
Simply Yours By Design
Deann Robertson:
PH: 903-617-5761
LaTreaser Cartwright
PH: 936-590-9820 
CL: 936-590-1201
Stacy Triana
PH: 936-554-0457
Over the Top Events
PH: 817-313-3085
Plan It! Events
Esther Yeager
Lufkin, TX
PH: 903-521-4726


Arvis Moore
CL: 936-591-2728
PH:: 936-598-6808
 “O” Entertainment
Lufkin, TX
PH: 936-637-1405
CL: 936-414-6637
James Headley
Center, TX
PH: 936-591-5006
Thompson Family
Shelbyville, TX
PH: 936-590-4561
CL: 936-590-1834
Adrian Williams
Center, TX
PH: 936-598-5365
CL: 318-461-0343
Gilmore Brothers
Alan Gilmore DJ
PH: 903-253-0506
Kustom Karaoke
& DJ Service
PH: 936-652-2282
Makeisha Williams
PH: 318-461-9911
Rebel Rose Band
Tommy Holdeman
PH: 903-241-1919
Steve Kirkland
PH: 318-286-4004
Hackberry Road
Cover Band/DJ
PH: 972-268-4312
Darrin Morris Band
PH: 972-754-2569
Vista String Quartet
Carole Dawn Deptula 
Nacogdoches, TX
PH: 936-569-6404
Dave Goldman
PH: 903-312-2576
Dance Masters Pro DJs
PH: 318-621-9855
PH: 318-344-5000
PH: 866-621-985
Dance Express
PH: 318-635-9008
Tyler String Quarter
Tyler, TX
PH: 903-8395064
Sound Rascals
Nacogdoches, TX
PH: 936-275-7885


Wyndi Vaught
Wyndi's Photography
Mt. Enterprise, TX
PH: 903-649-1316
Sarah Fenley
Center, TX
PH: 936-590-4859
CL:  936-590-1577
Rachel Campbell
Center, TX
PH: 936-590-9232
Boom Boom Photo Booth
Anna Stuever
Center, TX
PH:  936-657-4848
Jayme Perelli
Video & Photography
Gun Barrel City, TX
PH: 903-887-3830
Harbuck & Co.
PH: 936-465-3033
Photography by Dena
PH: 936-875-5592
Anne Brookshire Photography
PH: 214-537-1015
Dupre’ Photography
PH: 936-635-3536
Joey Photography
Tenaha, TX


Amazing Grace Floral & Gifts
Center, TX
PH: 936-590-9500
Center Floral
Center, TX
PH: 936-598-2413
Hughes Florist
Center, TX
PH: 936-598-9949
Watson-Tucker Florist
Center, TX
PH: 936-598-2402


David Masterson
Center, TX
PH: 936-598-2971
Scott Crain
Shreveport, LA 71115
PH: 318-393-5830
Harbuck & Co.
PH: 936-465-3033
PH: 936-465-3033


A-1 Charter
Shreveport, LA
PH: 318-621-0700
Farm Valley Carriage
Tyler, TX
PH: 903-752-5501